Departments & Facilities

Departments and Facilities

With the current continuous expansion of the biopharmaceuticals market, investments in biotech R&D has yielded better returns than the pharma-industry average. The number of biotech patents applied for every year has been growing at 25 percent annually since 1995, and the success rate for biologics has so far been over twice that of small-molecule products.

To meet the changing demands of the modern world, MiGenTra Egypt has established state of the art R&D labs which are continuously upgraded with latest technologies

to support the development of our pipeline products, where the last few years have seen a significant expansion in its footprint, facilities and capabilities.


Research & Development at MiGenTra Egypt is subdivided into four different departments:

  • Department for yeast cell culture systems.
  • Department for mammalian cell culture systems.
  • Department for protein purification.
  • Department for protein analysis and stability.

The departments for yeasts and mammalian cell culture are located in dedicated and physically separated areas. They are equipped with the newest instruments needed for upstream and downstream development with different scales to enable a smooth process transfer to the production scale. Instruments include DASGIP parallel fermentation unit, 2L and 10 L scale fermenters, Bioprofiler, microscopes, AEKTA systems, and lab scale Tangential Flow Filtration Systems.


The departments for protein analysis and stability are equipped for a wide array of analytical techniques for protein characterization, profiling, and potency cell-based assays. Equipments include HPLCs with multiple detection modes, multi-functional microplate readers, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis units.