Research fields

Research fields

MiGenTra Egypt is dedicated to research and development aligned with its commitment to provide its patients with highly innovative and affordable genetically engineered recombinant drugs with the highest standard of quality.


MiGenTra Egypt operates its own R & D department with the mission of:

  • Evaluation of new and innovative recombinant proteins focusing on the core therapeutic areas of infertility, thrombosis & hemostasis, liver diseases, oncology, autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis.
  • Development of affordable high quality biosimilar products according to national and international biosimilar products guidelines, focusing on the core therapeutic areas of autoimmune diseases, oncology, osteoporosis.
  • Improvement and control of the existing production processes and formulations.
  • Evaluation of products which are already established in the market but with a new formulation (e.g. PEGylation, nano encapsulation) or which are derived from new expression systems or new techniques due to process technology.
  • Transformation from E.coli derived products into the superior expression system of Hansenula polymorpha.