About R & D

About R & D

"Biopharmaceuticals could become the core of the pharmaceutical industry, but not without significant transformation in the laboratory and in strategy, technology, and operations."

Through its strong product pipeline, MiGenTra Egypt assures and strengthens its role as a leader in the production of innovative recombinant proteins in Egypt and the MENA region through a combination of strong science and deep operational excellence on all levels, with a strong R&D as the basis.

MiGenTra Egypt R&D is one of the first biopharmaceutical R&D centers in the MENA region, established in 2006 , based on state of the art equipment, technologies and a highly qualified and expanding team of selected personal from different scientific fields with a very high degree of motivation to drive highly complex projects, supported with intimate knowledge of international regulatory requirements and working hand-in-hand with a truly global team.


MiGenTra Egypt is also an excellent example of partnership between the business/private sector, the academic community, in addition to well established international partners such as ProBioGen AG in Germany. Such cooperation enables the development of new technologies and employment for young and highly educated people.

At a time of arising local socio-economic challenges, MiGenTra Egypt strives to continue fulfilling its potential to transform the health expectations of millions of people across the globe, successfully navigating both the promising and challenging elements of the sector.