About Manufacturing

Yeast Cell Culture - Hansenula Polymorpha

Yeast expression systems have proven to be an efficient and economical source for production of recombinant proteins at high scale.

MiGenTra Egypt is using H.Polymorpha that provides the potential for producing soluble, correctly folded recombinant proteins that have undergone all the post-translational modifications required for functionality. Additionally, linearized foreign DNA can be inserted in high efficiency via homologous recombination procedures to generate stable cell lines, whilst expression vectors can be readily prepared that allow multiple copies of the target protein.


Recombinant protein production in the yeast strain H.Polymorpha has several advantages over other expression systems: (i) rapid growth rate, coupled with ease of high cell-density fermentation; (ii) high levels of productivity in an almost protein-free medium; (iii) elimination of endotoxin and bacteriophage contamination; (iv) the ability to engineer secreted proteins that can be purified from growth medium without harvesting the yeast cells themselves.

MiGenTra Egypt APIs

  • Pegylated Recombinant Interferon alfa-2a

    for production of drug products for treatment of chronic hepatitis C

  • r-Hirudin

    for production of drug products for treatment of hematoma and thrombosis